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The cover of your book has only a few precious seconds to attract the attention and interest of your reading audience. If you want to have a chance to succeed in today’s competitive book market, you can’t cut corners.  Raeghan Designs creates book cover designs to resonate with your intended target audience. Repeat: Reader engagement within the first several seconds is key. We work with each client to strategically bring forth their book’s unique selling points & vision. The difference between a highly successful book launch and an invisible one can be your book’s first impression. We’ve done it before, and we want to create a beautiful, impactful, professional book cover for you.  We’re here to help you make your book a success.  Contact us today.

Raeghan Designs lead the finest book designers in the industry and expect nothing but the ultimate end result—your satisfaction. Guaranteed. Our book cover design service (for eBook, Paperback, & Hard copy) starts at $650.

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