Latest Work

Real Estate Agent

Rachel Alberts is a top Real Estate Agent in Georgia. RaeghanDesigns was honored to build her a clean high-end business website. The site requirements where to represent her professionally by showcasing her Real Estate Excellence. 

Hybrid Book Publishing

Publish Authority is a leading Hybrid Book Publishing company.  For 15 years RaeghanDesigns has designed, updated, and redesigned their website to keep the design and content fresh. The results has been an evident success. Publish Authority a highly sought after Publishing Company with a clean, high-end look.

Best Selling Author

Larry Freeland is a Best Selling Author who’s Novels have reached #1 on Amazon in their genres. Raeghan Designs has been honored to work with Larry Freeland from the beginning.  From the creation of his book covers to the website that represents his novel’s as a brand. 

Lawn Care Company

This client, Manny Lawncare approached Raeghan Designs as an established landscaping company in need of a website. They requested a simple user friendly website that showcased their landscape portfolio. We now maintain and regularly update Manny’s website.

Custom Cookie Co.

WonderFulls company name speaks for itself. WonderFulls came to us desiring to showcase their wide range of premium sweets. Our approach was to create a clean, high-end website, while letting their images speak for themselves. Wow! What a beauty.

Best Selling Trilogy

J.M. Patton is an author who came to RaeghanDesigns asking for a book cover series masterpiece, and we made it happen. RaeghanDesigns is the exclusive graphics designer for J.M. Patton’s #1 Best Selling Novel book covers as well as his website. We are currently working with him on the final design of his last book in the trilogy.

iTLS-ISO Institute

iTLS-ISO Institue is a TOC, Lean, Six Sigma black belt coaching system. They are leaders in their field of expertise and work with some of the finest businesses in the nation. We where honored when they came to us to build them a website. Our approach was to use clean lines to showcase their expert system.

Climate Researchers

Reaching Net Zero is a climate research group who approached us to build a website that primarily showcases their research. We have done just that. We built, optimized, maintained, and regularly update their website.

Many additional current clients to be added shortly ...

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