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  • RaeghanDesigns: Website Design, Graphic Design, Creative Director, Book Cover Design, Brand Strategist
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Raeghan Designs

Website Design, Graphic Design, Creative Director, Book Cover Design, Brand Strategist

Epic Hoster

CEO & Founder of | Website Hosting

Publish Authority

In Partnership with Publish Authority | Creative Director

Meet Raeghan

I love what I do. Sometimes I pinch myself for being able to do what I love for a living. The love to design is in my DNA, and I feel blessed working with each and every client who I call friend.

Raeghan Designs was started like most small companies are, with a vision and desire to help businesses communicate using graphic design. Strategic design that helps grow businesses’ brands. I have evolved my business with the goal for my team and me to continually learn new technologies. Now, after two decades, I find the industry more fun and exciting than ever before. I believe it’s critical to work symbiotically with our designers’ eyes and our clients’ vision. Each project has been a gift for both me, my company, and our clients.

Fun Fact: Raeghan was voted “most artistic” by her High School Senior Class.


The basic philosophy of our studio is to create individual, aesthetically stunning solutions for our customers by lightning-fast development of projects employing unique styles and architecture. Even if you don’t have a ready sketch of what you want – we can help you get the results you dreamed of. We can also help you create harmony out of seemingly completely incompatible elements in the interior or the exterior design of your working project. Do you want to combine classics and abstract art? Modern and retro? Love everything associated with the 1920s? Want a solid, roomy design but don’t have much room? No problem!

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