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Custom Logo Strategy

Raeghan Designs takes a unique approach to creating top notch logo designs.  We understand how crucial it is to get your logo right the first time. We take this very seriously, so here’s what we do. Raeghan Designs rallies competition amongst our top designers to win your favor. 

As the lead designer Raeghan cracks the miracle whip at the designers to direct them in the utmost direction.  Meanwhile, you are involved 100%. In the end, your vote wins and the hero is anointed winner.

Logo • Visual Identity

The best logos appear almost effortless.  Yet we know, behind every simple logo is a comprehensive design strategy. Raeghan Designs will leave you with a positive brand impression at each turn, guaranteed.

  • Numerous logo designs proposals will begin at the whisper, “GO!”
  • Embody brand loyalty.
  • All completed logo design files are yours.
  • Did we mention this is fun for us?

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