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Let’s be honest, we want you to LOVE your website. That’s why we’ve structured our payment method in stages to move with you in the design process. Like you, we work hard for a living. We not only want to earn your business, but we also want to keep it… and all the wonderful things that come with knowing you.

Payment #1.) The down payment ensures you’re serious about working with us. Like a fantastic house, our first step is to build the framework.  We collect your input and feedback and your approval before we go to step two. 

Payment #2.) This step adds all of your content and imagery while making all of the changes or additions you want to the site. 

Payment #3.) We fine-tune and polish the shine. A fixed number of updates, add ons, and changes will solidify the final product. You pay this for the website to go LIVE. Then we hand over the keys.

quality, stamp, seal

This goes for websites, logos, and book covers.

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